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Here will be shown the evolution of Francisco's programming skills.

On Blogging

After reading Ana's Blog I realized how blogging can become part of our life. It is a tool we use to share our experiences with people we don't know, but it also can be a place where we are free and... Continue Reading →

Chapters 6.1-6.2 (Team)

What two properties must be satisfied for an input domain to be properly partitioned? Completeness and Disjoint. The first one is about how you have to cover every possibility, a resource you can is to use the keyword "other", this... Continue Reading →

DevOps part 2

This is a continuation of the DevOps excercise, you can see the first part here where I talked about the definition of DevOps and the process of instalation of ArchLinux in my computer, as well as the setup of programming... Continue Reading →

Chapter 5 discussion

1.- Some organizations in industry who adopt TDD report that it succeeds very well, and others report that it fails. Based on your knowledge of TDD and any experience you have, why do you think it succeeds sometimes but not... Continue Reading →


DevOps is a combination of software development and information technology operations.  It is basically a culture incorporated in companies to make software faster, thanks to the shortening of the systems development life cycle. It is important that the whole development... Continue Reading →

Week 4 progress

This week we didn't cover our goals. We didn't have time to improve the prototype nor to review the requirements. But, we had 2 deliveries as a team, these were really useful to familiarize with Junit and to practice how... Continue Reading →

Week 4 Plan

We didn't have class this monday so we discuss the week 4 plan trough Telegram. This week we want to make sure the application is well defined, assuring that the goal of the project is clear and the requirements are... Continue Reading →

Week 3 progress

This week we covered the goals set on monday. All of the members started researching a bit about firebase, we are not going to implement this yet, but we have some basic knowledge that we didn't have before. We started... Continue Reading →

Test && Commit || Revert

The podcast with Scott Hanselman and Kent Beck called test && commit || revert based on the idea previously posted in Kent Beck blog was really interesting as the idea they discussed was something a bit extreme to me, but it... Continue Reading →

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